Artist Slump

I have to take my hat off to those artists who eat live and breath art. Who are inspired by everything they see and can draw or paint every day because they are inspired by everything they see. I also applaud those artists who approach their art as a career and have been successful selling and marketing their works. When I am inspired to create something, I’m so invested in the piece, the last thing I want to do is market it. artist slump

I made the mistake of participating in one of those arts and crafts type fairs back when I was in my 20s. I had my paintings on display for sale (mostly abstracts) and I have to say that was the worst experience of my life. I overheard so many people comment “My 3-year old could do that.” by the end of the day I felt like taking every painting and throwing them in the dumpster! I didn’t paint for many years after that.

Although nothing like that has happened recently, a couple of years ago I was ON FIRE. I painted almost non-stop, I produced a lot of pieces I like (which for me is rare). Since then I have painted a piece here and there, but nothing like the painting spree I was on back then. I’m having a painter’s block and am in desperate need of inspiration.

Usually when I see other people’s work that inspires me to create, but even that has not inspired me. I’ve even been to a hypnotherapist. No luck. I’ve started a few pieces, but I haven’t created any pieces I love. I guess that’s why I haven’t been posting here either. Perhaps if I start posting here, this will put a fire under my feet to paint more. Wish me luck!

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Twitter & Facebook Promotion

I’m posting this Twitter & Facebook Promotion in an effort to improve my social media presence.  I’m happy with the number of followers I have on Twitter (although I welcome new followers and will definitely follow back).  This effort is primarily to promote my Facebook Fan Page.   Twitter & Facebook Promotion

I am offering a couple of my paintings as Twitter backgrounds for those who “like” my Fan page – so if you are interested in having one for your Twitter profile, just let me know – either on Twitter via a DM to @knikkolette  or on my Facebook fan page and I’ll be sure to get that to you ASAP.  twitter & faceboom promotion

I’m afraid I have been inconsistent with blogging for myself and this is something I need to do.  I have been employed to increase the online presence for another company and our marketing department often uses Twitter & Facebook promotions.  I know they work, I’ve been watching the Facebook Fan Page following grow, just using Twitter, LinkedIn and a few press releases.   So – here’s my effort, to increase my online presence for my art with my very own Twitter & Facebook Promotion.

I have a “like” box for Facebook on this blog, and I do make updates to my fan page regularly now.  I’ve found some great links, some really talented artists and always like to share that info.

At some point I might start doing videos and posting them.  Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my post.

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Why Does It Mean More for a Famous Person to Like Your Work?

Tribute to Carlos Santana

atlanta artist knikkolette church paints tribute to carlos santana

Something exciting happened to me today.  Someone from Carlos Santana’s Fan Page on Facebook asked me if it would be O.K. to tag my painting of him (Tribute to Santana).  Of course I said yes! I would have said yes to anyone but I was excited that it was a celebrity.  Why does it mean more for a famous person to like your work? Many of us put celebrities or other famous individuals in a different category than the “general population”.  If some random person compliments you on a job well done, or how nice you look, you might feel nice, but you don’t generally run to your friends and everyone you know and excitedly tell them about it do you?  So Why DOES it mean more for a famous person to like your work?  They ARE people just like us, they eat, sleep, etc…  Perhaps it’s because they’ve already paid their dues, or they have succeeded and are at the point in their career where we aspire to be.  Whatever the reason, I’m just glad Santana or his social media team tagged my painting!  It MADE MY DAY!

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For those of you who have read my posts you know I don’t just write about myself, or my art.  This post is about and Alan Bamburger another professional in the industry.   There are those who have talent beyond measure, talent so awe inspiring they don’t really need much promotion or assistance.  Then there’s the rest of us who love art, but who like me, the talent may not be quite as extraordinary.  There is a measurable amount of talent, but it may only appeal to a limited number of individuals where the awe inspiring art appeals to the masses.

Regardless which category your talent falls into, I’ve discovered a website which will help you along your journey. The site is called by Alan Bamberger. If you are just beginning your artistic career, or if you have been on your journey for a number of years but have been stumbling along and getting sidetracked, click on the Articles tab and read the various posts which can help you with a variety of projects.  Whether you want to show your works in a gallery, open a gallery, ship your art, or write your artist’s statement, this site can assist you.

I’m still getting acclimated to this site and excited to read all the articles, and take full advantage of all of Mr. Bamberger’s knowledge.  I originally connected with Mr. Bamberger on LinkedIn If you’d like to connect with me on LinkedIn, e-mail me at

If you don’t already have an account on LinkedIn, I would highly recommend creating one and start networking with other artists and art professionals.  There are dozens of art groups where you can connect with artists, collectors, gallery owners, etc.   If you do decide to join – look me up and connect!

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Art, Artists, Art Blogs, & Art Online

Art, Artists, Art Blogs, & Art Online

If you are an artist,  art loverart student, art historian, art collector, or just like to dabble – you’ll probably find something on this site to suit your needs.

If you are an artist to create free accounts where you can upload up to 20 images of your artwork.  If you upgrade your account there are features such as a blog, online videos and slideshows.

It’s a great resource that can be an extra source on the web if you want to be found in those search engines.  Be sure to link back to their website from yours and if you create an account on their site – link to yours from theirs.

As a student, teacher, collector or anyone else – I highly recommend you visit this site and take your time and look around.  Visit the other artists links.  If you do happen to visit the site, you can check my page too, just do a search for my name – knikkolette.

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Painting Complete!


I completed this painting – it’s still untitled… perhaps I’ll get some feedback in the next few days via facebook.  I tried to get some feedback via twitter the last couple of days… no success.

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Painting In Progress…

I started this  and have been working diligently to finish it and I really don’t want to step away from it.  That’s the main reason I work in acrylics – because they dry fast and I have a tendency to be impatient.  I want to see progress when I paint and  I don’t have the patience to paint with oils… they take too long to dry.

The painting I’m working on now is large, (41″ wide x 46″ tall unstretched) and in order for me to best see where I need to make corrections – I take a photograph & upload to my computer.


As you can see – the shadowing is off as is the shape of the arm on the right side.  I hope to complete it tonight… and hopefully I’ll post the completed image to my blog when it’s done.

If you have any ideas for a name – that would be great!

Here is the same painting – about 2 hrs later… as you can see – I’ve adjusted the shading but it still needs some work… Almost there.

Untitled - In Progress photo 3

I decided to take a short break – I’m liking it more and more.  I have to be careful not to over-work it.

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Why Promote Other Artists???

I keep getting asked this question over and over when I offer other artists my facebook fan page as a place to post their latest piece.  Even my recent article “Change of Format” where I was going to write articles about other artists rather than just museums and galleries and well-known historical artists.  Why would I write about other artists instead of just promoting my own art? 

Why not?  I only have so much to say about myself…  I have a full-time job so I normally only paint on weekends.  If I only write when I paint – that doesn’t leave a lot to write about myself so I need additional subject matter to write about.

I don’t see anything the matter with promoting other artists.  We are all trying to get our work “out there”.  We are all trying to “be discovered”.  If I help someone else get discovered that’s O.K. with me.  I don’t want to be so wrapped up in myself that I forget about others.

When I see how amazing some of these artists are – I can’t NOT tell everyone I know about them.  It’s like finding a great restaurant or saving 90% on something and not telling your best friend!  You just have to tell!

I would like your opinion – what do you think?  Not that it will necessarily sway my decision one way or another – but perhaps if I understood why so many people were confused why I would want to help promote other artists?  Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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“Figures in the Shadows” A New Series

Watchful Eye

This isn’t my first “shadow” painting – but it is my first in my new series of “Figures in the Shadows”.  This is a series I’ve been thinking of doing for a long time and haven’t done due to my need to complete unfinished paintings.  (Which I might add – I’ve gotten over!  It’s amazing how easy it was to paint once I made up my mind it was O.K. not to complete those other paintings!)  This piece is approximately 30″ tall x 42″ wide unstretched acrylic on canvas.  I’m leaving my paintings unstretched until I schedule a show for storage purposes and in case someone happens to see it online and wants it shipped – it is much less expensive to ship it in it’s pre-stretched state and have it stretched at its destination.

He Walks Alone

The 2nd in the “Figures in the Shadows” series was named by Jennifer Martin on facebook.   After painting it I couldn’t think of a name so I put it out on twitter and facebook and got replies from both.    I appreciate the feedback!   This piece is 26″ wide x 38″ tall unstretched acrylic on canvas.

I have a couple more ideas for paintings I want to start right away while the creative juices are flowing…  I’m probably going to do the same thing with the names because my mind isn’t “there” – it’s in a different place.  Does that make sense?

Better get back to painting – just wanted to update my blog with my latest stuff – will try to be more diligent with my posts!

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I’m Painting Again!

I’m painting again!  I haven’t been painting because I have been in a creative block for the longest time.  I started a couple of paintings and could not complete them – and rather than putting them aside – I let them hang there on the wall.


My make-shift studio is our garage and that is where I had the largest work in progress – titled “Jimi” pinned on the wall taunting me.  So after almost a year of looking at it twice a day every day as I pulled out of and into the garage every morning and every evening – I decided enough was enough.   I went out to complete it – then decided – I liked it just the way it was – and that was what mattered.  I took Jimi off the wall and felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders!  “Jimi” is still unstretched, rolled up and in my craft room, but at least he’s not judging me any more as I park my car!

I completed another abstract, I like it – but I’m not sure I’m in love with it…  This poor painting has so many layers it could tell you stories!


There are two more paintings  “in progress” which I’ve decided to set aside.  I want to start a new series of paintings and start preparing for a show.  Wish me luck!

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