Hi - I'm Knikkolette Church and I was born in Seoul, South Korea as Joy Ann Chu to a Korean mother and an American soldier father. Being adopted and raised by an "American" family, I was not exposed to my Korean culture until later in life. My family did, however change my Korean name to a more traditional name, Jo Ann. I attended a very small university in a small rural town in Oklahoma where the majority of the people I met thought I was Native American Indian. I began my formal training in the arts at my home-town university in Durant, Oklahoma, and continued with my education in Dallas, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida.

Growing up - I never felt the name Jo Ann quite "fit" - so when I moved out I changed my name while living in Dallas whereI worked for an interior design firm as a free-lance designer and artist. MoreI recently worked as an interior designer where I was commissioned to do several original paintings and am currently working on a series for my next exhibit.


When I'm not working I love to spend time outdoors, hiking through the great Georgia mountains, go white water rafting, or snow skiing.




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